Video Footage Of Busta Rhymes’ Gym Spazz Out Hits The Internet


Busta Rhymes wasn’t exactly in the mood on Aug. 5 when he had a confrontation with an employee at Steel Gym in New York City. The rapper was arrested and charged with second-degree assault after launching a drink at the front desk clerk at the fitness center, and footage of the altercation has been released by Page Six. In the footage, Busta can be seen engaging in a verbal shouting match, throwing the drink, and slamming a computer screen.

In an interview with Page Six, the gym employee, Ole Hernandez, recounted the incident from his point of view. Painting Busta as “a self-absorbed hothead who launched into an offensive tirade,” Hernandez said that the rapper spewed a slew of hurtful remarks his way.

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“You don’t know who I am! I’m Busta Rhymes!” the rapper bellowed, according to Hernandez. “I’m the real n***a! You’re a f***ing f**got, you are a p***y! You are a Mexican crossing the border to come to this country, I will f**k you up.”

Hernandez told Page Six that the altercation stemmed from the day before, when Busta’s cameraman was told that he could not enter the facility without permission. Busta reportedly interpreted the ban as a “diss,” and was told that he needed to speak with the gym’s manager. Steel Gym owner corroborated Hernandez’s claim that Busta used gay and racial slurs during the incident.

Busta Rhymes later struck a deal with prosecutor, agreeing to a minor violation and agreeing to take anger management classes. Watch the tense interaction in video below:

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