Nashville Mom Writes Letter To Cam Newton After Titans Lose To Panthers


Carolina Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton, has been ruffling the feathers of some people lately but for the oddest reasons. The NFL is filled with countless amounts of dancing whether it’s pregame, postgame, or even in-game when players make their way into the end zone, but apparently when Newton “dab on them folks” a few times, it’s a problem especially to a particular mom and daughter out of Nashville, Tenn.

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After the Panthers slid their way into the 9-0 club to join the company of the New England Patriots and remain the only two undefeated teams in the league following a 27-10 dub over the Titans on Sunday (Nov. 15), a mom wasn’t pleased with Newton’s behavior. In an open letter to the Charlotte Observer, the Nashville mom described Newton’s actions as “unsportsmanlike” because of the chest puffs, pelvic thrusts, and arrogant struts that she couldn’t bring herself to explain to her daughter.

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Not sure if the mother/daughter duo are new to the NFL scene, but dancing pretty much comes with the territory especially when a team is winning. The mother continues to question Newton’s credibility to be a responsible role model to young kids that watch him. Meanwhile, in all that is unbothered, Newton states that, “at the end of the day I am who I am,” but admits he will apologize to them both, if necessary, according to Panthers reporter/insider David Newton. Well, if your team was undefeated wouldn’t you be dabbin’ here and there too?

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