CeeLo Green Talks About Robin Williams And Creative Process On Comeback Album

It’s been five, long years since CeeLo Green has put out new music on a studio album, but the wait is over. CeeLo released his comeback project, Heart Blanche and according to the artist, that’s only the beginning of what he has planned.

CeeLo sat down with Billboard to talk about the new album and upcoming projects. In regards to his absence, he says that the past five years have been a time of “creativity and introspection.” And he’s letting all of his creative genius flow on Heart Blanche. He told Billboard that along with the album’s creative prowess, it “is a prequel to the rest of the music I want to release in the very near future. [It’s] the start of a new beginning.”

His interview also talks about some of the singles on the album as well as his interest in returning as a judge on The Voice. Check out some of the highlights on what CeeLo had to say about Heart Blanche and his future career moves below.

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On the nature of Heart Blanche:
“It’s always personal to some degree, but much more introspective this time around – more introspective than I’ve been able to be, had the opportunity of being, the pleasure of being, over the last five years professionally. The last time I did it to this degree was under the alias Gnarls Barkley.”

On the single, “Robin Williams”:
“For this generation, Robin Williams’ untimely and unfortunate death – he’s probably more synonymous with that than his actual life’s work. So I’m going back to Mork & Mindy and The World According to Garp and Popeye — things I actually grew up with – so I know Robin a little bit better.”

“It wasn’t meant to be a tribute to the extent of an obituary. …I got to address my own empathy for him in a personal way, but also make it general and applicable to everyone.”

On his creative process:
“I’ve been recording this album for about three years. I did some recording in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Atlanta, the Bahamas, Palm Springs, California. I’ve been all over the world recording this record. I’m proud to say that I was very proficient and prolific and I got an awful lot of work done. I have amassed a large amount of material, and I’ll be able to use it in increments.”

His sentiments toward the album:
“I’m content with the album but I’m not complacent with the album. I can do more and I want to do more. I want to first be reintroduced, and I want the people to be reminded of who I am in an artistic capacity, and they will see my generosity, because my cup just runneth over with song: with melody, with harmony, with sentiment and a sweetness for all.”