Believe It Or Not, Chief Keef Was The Subject Matter Of A 6th Grade Test


As a parent, it’s hard to keep up with the specifics of what your child is learning when they pack up their bag for a day at school. The usuals—math, English, science, history, languages and varied electives—are to be expected. However, some parents of Chicago Public School students were shocked (and pissed) to find out that their kids had been spending class time learning about Chief Keef.

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One sixth grade music teacher at John Fiske Elementary School decided Keith Cozart was a fit candidate for a quick class lesson on his life, given his popular status among youth in his hometown of Chicago. The in-class assignment required students to read a passage about Keef and answer a few questions based on the reading. That could’ve been harmless enough had the questions not been about some of the dimmer bullet points on the drill rapper’s resume such as where he was placed on house arrest, at what age did he stop attending school and who shot him when he was 16 (Answer: “the police”).

“I was questioning what was going on with the school work,” Mrs. Jones said. “Because we’re not used to, as parents, seeing our children bring home rap artists and hip-hop artists and gang artists for school work assignments.”

Students in that music class have also been quizzed in one way or another on popular icons on a grander scale like Chris Brown and Fetty Wap. According to Katrina Sanders, one of many mothers to show frustration with their children’s classwork, the school’s principal said she was a temporary teacher for the class. The sub has since been removed.

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“This inappropriate project was immediately suspended by the principal as soon as she learned about it,” said CPS spokeswoman Emily Bittner. “While teachers have flexibility in making assignments, CPS requires them to provide age-appropriate material in the classroom.”

Listen to Ms. Sanders’ entire argument here.