Chris Brown Doesn’t Leave Anything To The Imagination On “Sex You Back To Sleep”


So here’s the skinny: Chris Brown’s plane just landed and this particular woman is the only one on his mind. Before dropping off his bags at the hotel, he places a phone call to ensure his beloved is fully prepared for a wild romp in the hay on his new single “Sex You Back To Sleep.”

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Breezy infuses elements of new school R&B, a light dusting of 80s pop and just a pinch of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” on the mid-tempo song. The new track, which premiered Thursday night (November 5) is off his latest offering from his forthcoming LP Royalty, due on Black Friday.

As the story goes, Breezy plans to stop by by at around 3:30, and is fully aware his love interest has work in the morning. His suggestion: calling in sick so they can go for a round two.

Hey, if she still has PTO days she can use, why the hell not?

Spin Chris Brown’s “Sex You Back To Sleep” below.