Former Oklahoma City Cop Accused Of Raping Black Women Receives All White Jury


Standing at 6-foot-1 and weighing 260 pounds, former Oklahoma City Officer Daniel Holtzclaw’s presence was used as a tool to intimidate the 13 African-American women, and one teenager he’s been accused of raping.

Holtzclaw, who was a standout linebacker for Eastern Michigan University, has been charged with 36 crimes including first-degree rape, sexual assault, burglary and stalking as he would demand to take his victims home to rape them, and later return to intimidate them.

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New York Daily News’ Shaun King reports a jury was selected in the case of Holtzclaw and not one of the jury members was black. The 12 jurors consisted of eight white men and four white women. Three black men that made it to the pool of jurors were removed.

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Ironically, Kentucky Judge Olu Stevens made headlines when he dismissed an all white jury trying a drug case of a black man. Due to his actions, the attorney general, and the Jefferson County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office asked the Kentucky Supreme Court to inquire if Stevens dismissal was within his authority.