Deborah Lippmann Launches ‘Empire’ Inspired Nail Polish


Celebrity and fashion manicurist Deborah Lippmann has just launched a three-piece nail polish set inspired by one of our favorite TV drama’s.

If you guessed Empire, then you’re right! Cookie Lyons’s fly and flashy fashion sense alone has garnered praise and caught the attention of many –including Lippmann who has created polishes for Girls and True Blood– so why not opt for a perfectly-polished manicure/pedicure influenced by the hit series? “Empire combines all of my favorite passions—gorgeous beauty, killer style, and out of this world music,” Lippmann says. “I am a loyal viewer and can’t wait to tune in weekly.”

The nail polish set features Hustle Hard, a shimmery fuchsia; Power of the Empire, a glittery gold; and War of the Roses, a deep metallic red.

“I was mostly inspired by Cookie when creating the colors,” Lippman to ELLE. “I wanted them to complement her powerful and assertive wardrobe as well as make a statement on their own. “War of the Roses was meant for Cookie.” “It’s powerful and glows from within,” she continued. “I imagine her wearing it when she has to fight for her family.” Lastly, Hustle Hard was meant to channel “the hip energy of the show from the pulsing urban beats to smooth R&B.”

The set is available at Nordstrom right now for $29.