Diana Ross Brought Tracee Ellis Ross On Stage To Perform And It Was Grand

Everyone knows Tracee Ellis Ross is the funny woman about town. As the star of ABC’s hit show Black-ish, Tracee has made a name for herself by simply making folks laugh out loud.

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But lest we forget, she is the direct heir to Motown legend Diana Ross, so being able to sing, or at the very least, hold a note is kind of genetic, no? Last week at Las Vegas’ Venetian Theater, Diana Ross randomly stopped the show and asked her daughter to join her on stage.

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Tracee, 43, assumed The Supreme meant her younger brother Evan, but realized it was her, her mother wanted. The last time Tracee sang with her mom was when she was a child.

Filled with nerves, the curly-hair chanteuse turned her back to the audience just to get her bearings and then began to sing.

Check out Tracee’s full rendition of “Lady Sings The Blues” below.