If Don Lemon Weren’t A Journalist, He Says He Would Be Like Malcolm X


Don Lemon has a tendency to incite negative reactions from people, so much so, a Change.org petition was started to remove the CNN anchor from his position. So it’s no wonder, The New York Times Magazine decided to sit down with the journalist to discuss some of his more eye-brow raising moments.

In the Q&A, the Baton Rouge native admitted he doesn’t get offended often because by nature, he’s a curious person.

“Instead of being offended or defensive or whatever, I try to be curious about why that person feels that way, why someone has that particular opinion. I understand people being offended and hurt, but as a journalist, I gotta move beyond that. I can’t do that.”

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The 49-year-old spoke about his controversial Spring Valley High comments and why he asked a panel if missing Malaysia Flight 370 was swallowed up by a black hole. However, Lemon revealed if he weren’t with CNN he would have an entirely new occupation.

“I’d probably be a writer like James Baldwin. Or I would probably be an activist. But not like Dr. King, even though I admire him. I’d probably be more of a Malcolm X. I believe the best way to improve yourself is to improve yourself.”

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So, do you think Don Lemon could be like Baldwin or Malcolm X?