The Internet Was Waiting: Donald Trump Finally Danced To Drake’s “Hotline Bling”

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In what was likely the most clever moment of last night’s (Nov. 7) episode of Saturday Night Live, host (and wildly popular presidential candidate for reasons unknown) Donald Trump appeared in a parody video of Drake’s “Hotline Bling.” On double duty, the sketch succeeded at making fun of both Drizzy and Trump at the same time – opting for the real-life fulfillment of a Vine video that has made its rounds on the Web:

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Starring Jay Pharoah as a impeccably styled Drake (seriously, the outfits are exactly the same), the parody video takes aim at the rapper’s dance move. Likening his hip sways and cha-chas to numbers done by fathers and physics teachers and tax guys, Trump plays the latter, rocking a pair of glasses while singing the track’s hook. Pharoah delivers a comical performance of Drizzy’s now-fully gif’ed moves, dubbing them ridiculous names like “sneaky fish” and “miracle whip.”

Even if Trump isn’t your presidential pick, you can still get a laugh at his expense in the video below.