The Internet Was Waiting: Donald Trump Finally Danced To Drake’s “Hotline Bling”

In what was likely the most clever moment of last night’s (Nov. 7) episode of Saturday Night Live, host (and wildly popular presidential candidate for reasons unknown) Donald Trump appeared in a parody video of Drake’s “Hotline Bling.” On double duty, the sketch succeeded at making fun of both Drizzy and Trump at the same time – opting for the real-life fulfillment of a Vine video that has made its rounds on the Web:

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Starring Jay Pharoah as a impeccably styled Drake (seriously, the outfits are exactly the same), the parody video takes aim at the rapper’s dance move. Likening his hip sways and cha-chas to numbers done by fathers and physics teachers and tax guys, Trump plays the latter, rocking a pair of glasses while singing the track’s hook. Pharoah delivers a comical performance of Drizzy’s now-fully gif’ed moves, dubbing them ridiculous names like “sneaky fish” and “miracle whip.”

Even if Trump isn’t your presidential pick, you can still get a laugh at his expense in the video below.