Donald Trump Tweets Questionable Statistics About Black-On-Black Violence

GOP Presidential hopeful Donald Trump stirred up more controversy Sunday evening (November 22) when he tweeted questionable statistics about crime in the United States, specifically the percentage at which African-Americans kill one another.

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According to the stats found by Trump, 97% of blacks killed are killed by other blacks, while only 1% of blacks are killed by police, and 3% of whites are killed by police officers.

The chart, which features a man wearing a bandana, holding a gun, and a scarf wrapped around his face, is said to have come from the Crime Statistics Bureau of San Francisco, and also states that 16% of whites are killed by other whites, but 81% of whites are killed by blacks.

Trump’s Tweet, which were shared more than 3,000 times, ignited a debate between his supporters and opposers, many of who accused the 69-year-old real estate tycoon of posting inaccurate information to bolster a narrative. 

However, despite Trump’s “data” the FBI says otherwise.

According to the FBI’s 2014 Crime In The United States report, of the 3,021 Caucasian murder victims, 2, 4888 of the offenders were also Caucasian, or 82% and not the 16% reported by the source Trump tweeted.

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The number of black-on-black crime is at least 10% less than what Trump’s tweet reads. These stats comes on the heels of Trump’s delight after a Black Lives Matter protestor was assaulted at his rally in Birmingham, Ala.

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