Officer Who Shot And Killed Dontre Hamilton Will Not Receive Any Federal Charges

The Justice Department declared on Tuesday (Nov. 10) that it would not serve Christopher Manney, the police officer in Milwaukee who shot and killed unarmed Dontrel Hamilton, with any civil rights charges.

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Manney shot Hamilton, who was schizophrenic, 14 times back in April of 2014. But like many other officers who have killed a slew of unarmed black men, the district attorney did not file any charges against him. Manney’s only repercussion was getting fired by the Milwaukee Police Department.

According to The Associated Press, the DOJ decided not to proceed with any charges that may have stemmed from any type of evidence including: eye-witness accounts, physical evidence, use-of-force experts and Manney’s testimony.

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The U.S. Attorney’s office of the Eastern District of Wisconsin informed Hamilton’s family of the DOJ and FBI’S decision. Though, according to the family’s lawyer, Jonathan Safran, they plan to file a civil rights lawsuit in federal court.

Now, let’s just hope justice gets served in some capacity.