#LoveYourCurls: Dove Gives The Emoji Keyboard A Curly Hair Makeover

It wasn’t too long ago that smartphones got a little makeover, diversifying its emoji keyboard with the addition of five shades of skin tones. And while many users were overjoyed to finally have the opportunity to use a graphic that looked like them, some women in particular, still felt like the graphic palette conveyed a “one size fits all” message when in came to hair types. Hearing those pleas for a graphic that accurately displayed other hairstyles besides straight, Dove launched its “Love Your Curls” campaign, featuring five curly-haired emojis.

The emoji keyboard, created in partnership with Snaps, contains twenty-seven curly hair designs along with selectable skin tones and hair colors. Curly-haired women can not only browse through a selection of 131 emoji variations, but can also select seven animated GIFs.

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According to the beauty brand, one in three women in the U.S. have curly hair, and 82% of those women have previously looked for a female emoji that accurately depicted their hair texture and volume. Now every curly woman can type their message in iMessage, SMS/text, Facebook messenger or WhatsApp, using an emoji that appropriately expresses their beauty and hair texture.

The curly emojis might be a win for curly-haired women everywhere, but it is only a piece of the bigger picture. The Love Your Curls campaign is an ongoing platform, encouraging women to embrace and celebrate their natural curls.


“Dove Hair is committed to redefining traditional standards of beauty and ensuring women and girls see accurate reflections of themselves in the world around them, including, and especially, in digital and social media – which is why we’re so excited to introduce the Dove Love Your Curls Emojis,” shared Rob Candelino, VP of Haircare at Unilever.

As expected the Dove campaign has already had a positive impact. Sali A. Tagliamonte, Professor of Linguistics at the University of Toronto, who has partnered with Dove Hair on the launch attributes the success to people’s interest in finding symbols that speak to their own identity. “When you have a symbol that embodies someone’s identity, it’s powerful. The new Dove Love Your Curls Emojis have the ability to empower curly women to be more themselves,” says Tagliamonte.

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And to keep empowering a generation of curly women, the campaign continues the trend on Twitter. Each time someone shares a #LoveYourCurls moment, a custom Dove, curly emoji will auto-generate within the tweet.

So before you start sharing your love for your curls, be sure to download the Dove Love Your Curls emoji keyboard in the App Store or on Google Play.

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