Eazy-E’s Son Speaks Out On Charlie Sheen’s HIV Status


Charlie Sheen’s revelation of his HIV-positive status on the Today show on Tuesday (Nov. 17) started a widespread discussion across social media. Though the actor is not the first celebrity to divulge that they are infected with the autoimmune disease, Sheen becomes the latest of a list of high-profile Hollywood stars to bring the topic to light yet again. Another star, the legendary Eazy-E, tragically succumbed to the disease in 1995, and now his son is speaking out on his behalf with regards to Sheen.

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According to TMZ, Eric Wright Jr. – also known as Lil Eazy-E – lamented at the loss of his father due to HIV, but noted that medical advancements give Sheen the chance Eazy never had. The legendary N.W.A rapper passed when Wright Jr. was just ten years old, a time where he points out that there was no “lifesaving treatments.” In an interview with The Recollectors earlier this year, Wright Jr. recalled the details on losing his father.

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“He died on March 26 and we buried him on April 7. I turned 11 on April 23rd,” he recalled. “So in three years I’m going through the whole teenage growing stage, sex education, STDs. I was like, Oh wow, after you kinda get over the pain of losing a father and not having a father figure…. I played sports and didn’t have a father to teach me how to throw a football or play football.”

Lil Eazy-E also told noted the similarities in lifestylyes that his father and Sheen had, and that he believes Sheen can help bring HIV/AIDS awareness to a new audience.