The Eiffel Tower Falls Dark (And Will Remain That Way) In Light Of Paris Tragedy


Following the recent terrorist attacks in Paris—which  left over 120 people dead and 300 hundred Parisians and tourists injured—officials have announced that the Eiffel Tower will be closed indefinitely.

On the evening of Nov. 13, the terrorist group, later to be confirmed as ISIS, hit many places in the French capital including a mass shooting at a concert hall as well as suicide bombings in various neighborhoods, restaurants and a soccer stadium.

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Following the attacks, the Eiffel Tower’s lights have fallen dark as a symbol of mourning for the many lost, according to Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo. As another symbol of mourning and solidarity with Paris, the Internet has engaged in the hashtag, #PrayforParis, along with posting the peace sign with an illustration of the Eiffel Tower in the center.

While the city’s highly popular monument has no opening date as of yet, Parisian soldiers are patrolling the sight heavily armed. A banner currently on the tower’s website reads: “The Eiffel Tower is currently closed until further notice.”