Act of Kindness: An Elderly Man Decides To Teach A Young Man How To Tie A Tie


With the world still coming to grips with the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, and the racial unrest between African-Americans and police in America, it appears as if all humanity in the world has been depleted. However photographer Redd Desmond Thomas in one photo proved kindness still exists.

In the picture uploaded to his Facebook page Saturday, (November 14) an elderly man is seen helping a young man tie his tie while sitting on a bench waiting for a train.

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The photo, which has been liked more than 800,000 times and shared more than 200,000, seems to have given the Internet all the feels. As the story goes, the young man was struggling with his tie. The elderly woman seen in red noticed, and asked if he knew how to tie his tie.

“No ma’am,” he responded.

The woman then tapped her husband’s shoulder asking for assistance.

“Come to this side, and teach this young man how to tie his tie.”

According to Thomas, the elderly man without hesitation jumped into action and began the intricate process of teaching the young man how to tie his tie. After the tutorial, the elderly man stepped away to see the young man repeat the steps he just taught him.

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Thomas didn’t get close enough to hear the exchange before hoping on the train, but from the looks of it, everything turned out just fine.

Very awesome.