Rap Bromance: Eminem Makes A Surprise Phone Call To Redman On Shade 45

It’s always great when rap legends big each other up. During a recent Redman interview on Shade 45, the radio station’s head-rapper-in-charge Eminem made a surprise phone call into the show. Catching the Funk Doc off-guard, the two used their quick discussion to compliment one another for the marks they’ve made over the years.

“I appreciate anything and everything you’ve said with bringing people awareness about me, just as well as I do about you,” Redman told Eminem. “I catch flack for saying that you’re ranked up there with Biggie, Jay Z and Nas. Like, a couple of people tried to give me flack. And I’m like, ‘Nah, you crazy. That’s my dude.’”

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Eminem made a point to call into the radio show to share a story with Redman. Detailing the first time he’s ever gone to New Jersey, he recalled going to Redman’s house and taking a picture outside of a window of his house “on some fan s**t.” He recently found the photo and was reminded of the ordeal, and felt the need to share the story with Redman.

“I got a funny story I wanted to tell you, ‘cause I heard you were gonna be up there. A couple of weeks ago, I was cleaning out my closet – pun intended – and ran across this old picture and shit,” Eminem said. “I was like ‘What the f**k is this… Oh s**t!’ So I realized, the first time I had ever went to New York, me and Bizarre went to Jersey to record with the Outsidaz. I can’t remember who we picked up in the car, but Pace was with us, and we had actually ended up stopping by your house. So I was like Oh sh**! That’s the picture I took out the back window of your house, on some fan shit. It was like, ‘Holy shit, that’s Redman’s house!’ I had my little automatic, instant camera and took the picture.’ I forgot I did that.”

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The two continued trading compliments, as Redman invited Eminem to be featured on his upcoming Muddy Waters 2 LP. Red also offered to contribute to a rap memorabilia project headed up by the Detroit rapper. Em asked Redman to sign the photo he found, and reiterated his sentiments: “You’re one of my favorites of all time. That’s never gonna change, man. I’m so glad. Keeping doing it, man.”

Ah, rap bromance. Listen to Eminem stan for Redman in the audio below:

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