“This Ones For Aubrey:” Erykah Badu Releases Latest Single “Phone Down”

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Erykah Badu dropped a surprise music bomb on her fans Monday evening (Nov. 9), after she released the replay-worthy melody, “Phone Down.” Dedicating her new song to Drake per her description on Apple Music, the booming soundscape will be featured on Ms. Badu’s forthcoming mixtape You Cain’t Use My Phone.

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The repeated line, “I can make you put your phone down” instantly sends you into an uncontrollable bounce, possibly making “Phone Down” your new favorite track on your playlist. “Every time you get a message/Act like you don’t see it,” the “Honey” singer continues.

Earlier this month, the Dallas native spoke with The Fader on her plans for the mixtape, which might be released Thanksgiving weekend. “I think it’s a whole new frequency for the planet and I just wanted to do it because it’s inspiring me to write my new album—it’s kind of like the buffer in between,” she said.

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Listen to Badu’s latest musical blessing below.

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