GQ Finds That 1,200 People Die A Year Over Sneakers


In an investigative, yet not surprising story from GQ, the men’s magazine found that about 1,200 people a year die over sneakers, namely the highly coveted Air Jordans.

In the three minute video, influencers and sneaker heads including funnyman Mike Epps and MMG artist Wale gave their two cents on the sneaker culture, and the devastating consequences of owning a pair of Js.

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“It didn’t surprise me that kids would become violent and really ferocious about these shoes, because the way they market them, they market them as if they’re the dream,” Mike Epps said.

And while Epps and many others may point the finger at the companies, one influencer noted that no one levels that same responsibility to GM in regards to car jackings.

As images of malls being bombarded by customers flooded the screen, a Houston mother Dazie Williams spoke about her son, Joshua Woods, who was followed, shot and killed after purchasing a pair of the Bread 11s, which prompted her to start her organization Life Over Fashion.

“You have individuals who are charged with capital murder because of this incident. Their life is gone, their family is going through something. I will forever feel this pain, I will forever go through this,” Williams said. “Every single a year somebody’s life is taken over a pair of shoes.”

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Williams said she was able to speak with someone at Nike and even received condolences from Michael Jordan.

Watch the video below.


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