Suspected Hate Crime Investigated At Harvard After Defaced Portraits Of Black Professors


On Thursday (Nov. 19), a few Black professors at Harvard Law School walked into a situation to much of their displeasure. The portraits of numerous Black educators were found with black tape over them, TIME reports. The actions ignited anger and disgust amongst many faculty and students at the school while the police department at Harvard University considered the acts as hate crimes.

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One of the professors victimized by the defacement shared an image of his very own portrait displaying exactly what other Black professors were experiencing. Just to reverse the immaturity of others, students took the time to show their appreciation towards the professors by placing post-it notes to recognize them for the work that they put in at the law school.

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Due to the recent happenings, a community meeting was held that same afternoon to properly address racial issues at Harvard Law School where students brought up the point of the school not actively being inclusive of minority students.