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Hodgy Beats Throws Shade At Tyler, The Creator: “Tyler Is A Fraud”

At the latest Camp Flog Gnaw show, Hodgy Beats didn’t hold anything back in regards to his feelings towards Odd Future and Tyler, the Creator. To keep it frank, he’s not really feeling Tyler.

During his show set, Beats came hard saying, “N****s got me fucked up. I put too many n****s on. I helped too many of my motherfucking friends out. And n****s gonna come foul?” He didn’t name an names, but he followed his speech by saying, “you know who the fuck I’m talking about n***a.”

It’s apparent that Hodgy is angry, but he left out exactly why. In his rant he sites his anger towards Tyler leaving people behind. Hodgy Beats used to be a part of Odd Future before parting ways. And it seems as if the artist didn’t leave on good terms.

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He didn’t name any names, but for the most part, fans understood he was throwing shade at Tyler the Creator. Some fans were a little unclear on how deep his distaste went though. So Hodgy took to social media to set the record straight.

Tyler fans weren’t too happy with Hodgy Beats’s comments, but the artist wasn’t too phased by the backlash. He slid into someone’s Instagram comments saying, “Tyler is a fraud. He turned his back on n***as that never crossed him and I’m not just speaking for myself only.”

He also took his rant to Twitter, responding  to backlash as well as standing up for his decision to call Tyler out. “I feel good bc I stood up for the ones who are too afraid to say it but but they feel that way.”

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While Hodgy hasn’t held back his feelings towards the matter, Tyler didn’t spend too much time dwelling on the beef. He simply tweeted, “Thebe and I are fine btw,” a counter to Hodgy’s claim that Tyler dissed Thebe, also known as Earl Sweatshirt.

Check out Hodgy Beats rant and beef with Tyler the Creator.

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