Holly Holm Comes To Ronda Rousey’s Defense: “I Have A lot Of Respect For Her”


While UFC fighter Ronda Rousey rests up and endures the not-so-nice commentary from the Internet, one source of support has come from an unlikely place: her opponent, Holly Holm.

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Speaking with TMZ Monday (November 16) the UFC champ said had it not been for Rousey, this fight wouldn’t have happened.

“Ronda has always been a very dominant champ and she’s taken the sport to new level and this fight wouldn’t have happened if she hasn’t accomplished what she accomplished, so I have a lot of respect for her.”

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Holm has opted to maintain a certain level of humility stating “I don’t ever want to say ‘I’m this good’ or ‘I’m that’ then have something happen and look like a fool, you know?” still doesn’t want people bashing Rousey.

“I think people can be brutal and when you’re in the spotlight she’s in, there are people who are just gonna jump ship, I don’t ever wish for that.”

Watch Holm showcase excellent sportsmanship while gracefully defending her win.