One Random Act Of Kindness Helped Raise Nearly $40K For A Homeless Single Father In Denver


James Moss had no idea his life was about to make a huge turnaround when he participated in Leon Logothetis’ #GoBeKind campaign last week. In his quest to spread random acts of kindness around the world, stock broker-turner-philanthropist Logothetis traveled to Denver, where he met Moss, a homeless single father. After spreading his story went viral, a GoFundMe account raised nearly $40,000 for Moss and his son Zhi.

Moss shared with Logothetis that he moved from New York to give his son a better life, and that his housing fell through after just two days in their new city. But he offered encouraging words despite his situation.

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“I just got here a few days ago. I had a job set up, and some housing arrangements set up. The housing arrangement fell through. Right now, I’m homeless, two days in town. And I guarantee you, in a month’s time, I’ll make anything that I need to happen, happen,” Moss said. “It’s like, you have to be brought down to your humblest point so you can appreciate other things that are waiting for you. And to anybody out there that feel like they want to crumble, just keep going man. It’s not worth it, don’t let it consume you.”

Moss story touched a woman in Kansas named Kayla Heskett, who took to GoFundMe to share his story and reach to the masses for help. In the past six days, the campaign has raised $39,324. Logothetis posted another video on YouTube, this time letting Moss say his thank you’s to the 1,314 people that extended a single act into a life-altering blessing.


“I just want to say thank you so much for donating, for sending your prayers out for us. You guys are so awesome, I love you all, you’re like family to me right now. I never thought a small act of kindness like that would spark such a huge chain reaction. It blew my mind, I’m still in shock.”

Watch Moss’ thank you video below. You might need a few tissues before you press play.

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