Act Of Kindness Alert: J. Cole Visits A Young Fan Battling Cancer


Continuing his spree as an awesome human, J. Cole recently visited a young fan who is battling cancer. Tae Stackhouse, who currently resides in Cole’s native Fayetteville, N.C., was given the opportunity to meet the rapper after his mother and aunt reached out for a visit from the Dreamville MC. Fulfilling the family’s wish, Cole made his way to the North Carolina Cancer Hospital to give Stackhouse some encouraging words. Posting a photo alongside the rapper, Stackhouse expressed his gratitude.

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“I really appreciate this just wanna give a big s/o to my mom and my aunt for bringing my favorite rapper to see me I’m proud to say that I’m blessed even tho I have cancer he told me to keep positive so that’s what Ima do thanks j.cole #RoleModel,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

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According to a recent Facebook status, Stackhouse has had a trying year. He shared that the news of his cancer diagnosis came after the death of his daughter and trouble with the law. Never one to take credit for his random acts of kindness, J. Cole did not share the visit publicly. But this marks yet another time the rapper has come through for a fan. Last year, the rapper popped up at the Dallas home of another one of his diehards for a personal 2014 Forest Hills Drive listening session. This summer, Cole also attended a fan’s high school graduation, fulfilling a promise he made to her two years prior.

Ladies and gentlemen, Jermaine Cole.

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