Jackee Harry Made A Joke About Patti LaBelle’s Pies, Vivica A. Fox And 50 Cent’s “Cakes”


How soon is too soon for a joke? It seems Jackee Harry has been met with this dilemma a number of times on Twitter. This time, it involves Patti LaBelle’s viral sweet potato pies, Vivica A. Fox, and 50 Cent’s “cakes.” The actress took to Twitter with a little banter on Saturday (Nov. 14), offering a quip with a reference to 50 Cent’s response to Vivica A. Fox’s insinuation that he was gay. Mixing in the newfound popularity of Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pies, Harry posted a faux retweet from Fox:

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The tweet earned her a bit of backlash, after which she had to issue a clapback to one user who called her “messy.”

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Fox caught wind of the tweet, and responded with the hashtag #Unbothered, along with a bit of confusion about where the joke came from. The joke hasn’t made its way onto 50 Cent’s radar yet, but we’re sure he’ll run with it in some way – because 50 Cent.

Meanwhile, a few people actually thought Fox was selling “50 Cent cakes.”