Jay Z Vs. Kanye West: Which One Has More Of An “Inner Diva?”


With greatness, comes a lot of preparation and high demands. There’s no question on Kanye West and Jay Z’s impact on the music game, but we may have a few questions about some of their demands. TMZ leaked the Watch the Throne rappers’ rider requests and although Beyonce may have coined the word “diva” for her female posse, we’re finding a little bit of diva in these Roc Nation rappers as well. Well, it’s clear that the potential 2020 candidate had a lot to say about what goes in his hotel rooms, but don’t let the chill demeanor fool you, Jay Z is allegedly quite the diva when it comes to his accommodations.

It’s been reported that celebrities like Mariah Carey and J.Lo have a number of rider requests, including specific water for their animals and color palettes for hotel furniture. But let’s not be so quick to throw “diva” into the female category. Men can be divas, too, and Jay and ‘Ye prove that with their list of demands. In the leaked rider requests, it reveals a laundry list of regulations concerning the concert hotel rooms, staff expectations, and accommodations for little North West and Blue Ivy Carter.

When it comes to hotel rooms, to set the mood right, Jay Z needs a not-too-cold, not-too-hot, but just right temperature of 71 degrees in the room. And to go with the seductive temperature, Mr. Carter needs three $80 Mayan tuberose-scented candles, and not a cent less. In terms of staff etiquette, Jay has two major no-nos: no vacuuming near his room (it might disturb his creative flow) and don’t ask for concert tickets if you want to “avoid embarrassment.” Kanye, on the other hand, is a real fan of geometry and demands that all hotel vases be cylindrical. Despite his camel-toned Yeezy collection, the rapper will only dry off with black towels. And in the mornings, his requires fibers from only Kashi’s Go Lean cereal, followed by flossing with a minty floss. Kanye doesn’t have a formal staff etiquette policy, but it’s probably because he expects no one to speak to him. The only interaction he probably needs with the staff is when they bring him a Genelecs 1031a speaker, a model which was discontinued over a decade ago.

For beverages, Jay Z keeps it simple on the alcoholic tip. All he needs in this life of sin is Ace of Spades champagne. Kanye has a grocery list though. He needs thirteen bottles of an assortment of alcohol including three bottles of Paradis Hennessy, which comes to a whopping total of $3,200.

When it comes to the kids, things get a little less bizarre and more endearing. Kanye has no requests for Nori. Not sure if that’s because she gets a room of her own, or because Kim handles baby duty. But Jay Z expects only the best for Blue. The smallest Carter will not step foot into any room until those corners are padded, sharp edges are sanded, electrical outlets covered, and statues and breakable objects are out of sight. And Blue may be too young to get her own choice of liquor but the three-year-old only drinks organic, whole milk.

From the geometrical shapes to the candle-lit rooms, would you say these two have the diva gene or are these all low on the request totem pole?