Jay Z Is Spreading His Business Expertise To Nick Jonas And Demi Lovato

Here’s something many music heads wouldn’t have expected.

Remember that time Nick Jonas graced the covered of Flaunt magazine in some of the most risqué underwear photos that anybody’s ever seen him in? And when Demi Lovato landed one of her biggest spreads in Vanity Fair magazine following an appearance on Saturday Night Live shortly after? Well, while the singers have been in the midst of their career power moves, there’s one person who was behind it all: Mr. Carter himself, Jay Z.

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Jay Z has been making moves per usual and this time around, the business mogul made a hush-hush step of action in merging Roc Nation with Philymack management, Yahoo reports. If you’re wondering what this has to do with Nick and Demi, well the two are under the Philymack brand and the magic took off from there. The singers reportedly caught the eye of Hov and it made the boss man take the initiative in making the partnership official in late 2014. The announcement of the collaboration was scheduled months ago but has yet to take place.

Wouldn’t be surprised if the two establishments have something else up their sleeves.