John Legend Gets You Into The Holiday Spirit With New Single “Under The Stars”


If we’re being honest, John Legend could sing about Tupperware and pen caps and it be on key and sound beautiful, right? So when tasked to create a song about love, gratitude, and the good times ahead, of course the seasoned crooner was up to the task.

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Teaming up with Stella Artois for the holiday season, the Academy Award winner released his latest ballad “Under The Stars” toasting to all the good that’s still left in the world. Drenched in his undeniable vocals and backed by his impeccable piano skills, Legend gets us in the mood for the holiday season.

“I’ve collaborated with some figurative stars before, but this is the first time I’ve done something with literal stars,” Legend playfully remarks. The single utilizes vibration from actual stars and draws parallels to Stella – a clear reference to the campaign’s collaborator.

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While the single is meant to convey the feelings of families when they gaze into the starry, night sky, it definitely continues that experience, igniting emotions of optimism and joy, just in time for the holiday season. Get in the holiday spirit and listen to the John Legend, Stella Artois-collaborated single, “Under the Stars” and take to a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the single below.