‘Hangin’ With The Homeboys’ Director Gets His Posthumous Hurrah


Before the unfortunate death of Puerto Rican director Joseph Vásquez, the man behind the 1991 cult classic Hangin’ with the Homeboys left behind a detailed blueprint for his next film. Twenty years after he lost his battle to AIDS, Vásquez’s final script about the life of an average Latino has finally hit movie theaters.

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Starring E.J. Bonilla and Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Melissa Fumero, The House that Jack Built takes viewers through the streets of the South Bronx, where a young and driven hustler does whatever it takes to keep his family together. After purchasing the small apartment building with cash made from selling weed, Jack (Bonilla) tries to keep his business arrangements from unraveling, while trying to head a household.

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The House that Jack Built, directed by Miami-born Henry Barrial, gained considerable momentum since making its festival debut in 2013. Now, you can see it in select cities nationwide.