Justin Makes A Belieber Out Of Lyft In An Exclusive New Deal

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The Lyft car service is calling on its Beliebers to make its first venture in fusing music and car rides a success. Instead of just a quick ride to any destination of choice, Lyft riders can snag Justin Bieber’s upcoming album, Purpose for only $5 using the app.

Justin’s album doesn’t drop until Nov. 13, but starting Nov. 12 until the 19th, users can access “Bieber Mode” during their ride to purchase his album. And once you arrive at your destination, Lyft will send you a download link to the entire album and return the money spent in a $5 credit on the next ride.

For some, exclusive music before the release date may be enough, but for the Beliebers out there, there’s more. To celebrate the launch of “Bieber Mode” and Lyft’s latest venture, the car service is giving some lucky passengers the opportunity to ride shotgun to the “What Do You Mean” artist.

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Lyft’s promotional campaign is unique in its offer, but seems to be following the recent trend of car services moonlighting as music distribution tools. Earlier this year Uber joined forces with Britney Spears to premiere her single “Pretty Girls” in a number of Britney-branded SUVS.

It looks like Tidal and Apple Music could be getting a run for their money on the exclusive music tip. “Bieber Mode” is possibly the first of many more exclusive music deals for Lyft. And if that’s the case, we can only hope deals with Adele and Drake follow. Imagine riding with the 6 God in the front seat of your Lyft ride.

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In the meantime check out the video of Justin Bieber riding shotgun in the promotional videos for “Bieber Mode”