Kean University On High Alert After Threats Made Against Black Students


One week after the Mizzou social media scandal in which threats made against black students made national headlines, a similar threat has been made targeting black students at Kean University in Union, New Jersey.

A now-suspended Twitter user with the handle @keanuagainstblk (“Kean U Against Black”) tweeted Tuesday (Nov. 17) that they would “kill every black and white female” at the college, and that the cops near the school wouldn’t try to save them because of the color of their skin. These tweets were sent out around the same time that a peaceful rally centered around abolishing racial tensions was taking place at the school.

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The campus’ police department alerted authorities of the tweets, and the school is holding classes as scheduled today (Nov. 18), and that local police are continuing to investigate the threats. The school’s administration also let students know that if they do not feel comfortable that they should use their best judgement as to whether they’d like to attend classes.