After Playing A Gay Man In ‘James White’, Kid Cudi Readies For A More “Disturbing” Role


Scott Mescudi, a.k.a., Kid Cudi recently discussed the pressures of contributing to the wildly dramatic feature film, James White. Director Josh Mond recruited the Indicud lyricist to star in the film as White’s best friend, Nick. Since Cudi’s music was instrumental to Mond’s personal life, the Cleveland rapper (also of Mexican-American descent) decided to score the film and help set the tone for every life-changing, emotional moment James White (played by Christopher Abbott) endures.

“This movie is telling us that at some point you will be on your own,” said Cudi during a Q&A. “You have to be strong about it. And it’s okay. That’s normal. You can get through. I hope that’s what everyone takes away from the movie. It’s a sad one, but I think that’s what Josh was trying to say.”

As one of their various awards for their Kickstarter supporters, both Cudi and Mond took questions from the audience after a private screening for the film. According to Remezcla, Cudi spoke at length on the pressures he endured having to both star in and score such an important film. It was “unconventional” compared to his previous work on Shia LeBeuf’s Maniac (2011).

“There was a lot of pressure when I signed on to score James White. Not only am I in the film, but I’m scoring it. Now I have to be double great. People are gonna see this sh*t! A lot of pressure,” he explained. “James White was a gig that I signed up for knowing the pressures of how great the film was and I knew that I needed to stand up to that. It was an unconventional work, whereas Maniac was all about action. And anybody can score some action. It was dope. It was fun for me to explore and I haven’t really gotten a chance to explore something like Maniac since.”

After detailing his foray into acting (see: HBO’s How to Make it in America), Cudder opened up about his upcoming role with Zoe Kravitz. He spoke passionately about broadening his horizons by playing meaningful characters.

“For my acting career, next I’m gonna do something that’s not anywhere in any shape or form in the space of stuff you might be familiar with. Even though Nick in James White was gay and I’m not gay, it was still very much a lot of Scott in that character,” he said. “But there’s another movie that I’ve done – this movie that I have coming out soon that’s my first villain role. It’s very violent and very disturbing […] I play kind of like a drug lord. I’m pretty fucking badass; it’s this movie called Vincent-N-Roxxy. Zoe Kravitz is in it. Emile Hirsch. It’s violent and different. So I want to do that next – I want to explore characters and put myself out there.”

James White is set to make its Los Angeles premiere Nov. 20 and will be in theaters everywhere this winter. Watch the trailer below.