It Looks Like Kylie Jenner And Tyga Are Back On…


Kylie Jenner and Tyga were the talk of the Internet yet again this week – but this time it was for their alleged breakup. The ever-controversial couple reportedly called it quits on the rapper’s 26th birthday (Nov. 19), sending social media into a tailspin of jokes and “I told you so” tweets. And just as the news landed, Jenner was spotted leaving a club with A$AP Rocky on Friday (Nov. 20), leading people to believe the 18-year-old reality star was moving on. But it looks as though Kyga is still going strong.

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Jenner was spotted leaving Hyde in West Hollywood, dodging inquiries about Tyga, before being snapped getting into an SUV with the Harlem rapper. The two were also reportedly hanging out with Justin Bieber, according to E! News. While the two were not seen engaging in any eyebrow-raising activity, chatter began about Jenner possibly rebounding with A$AP. In response to the rumor buildup, Jenner took to Snapchat with a photo of what seems to be Tyga’s hand, with the caption “Everyone needs to chill.”

Jenner is getting ahead of the controversy before it even starts. Peep her smooth getaway from the club with A$AP Rocky in the video below: