Larry Wilmore On Paris Attacks: “At Times Like This, I Think People Do Need To Laugh”


While the world still comes to grip with the horrific ISIS terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris Friday, (November 13) Comedy Central’s Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore along with Astrophysicist Neil DeGrassy Tyson spoke on a panel about the comedians role during a time of tragedy.

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Wilmore, at the Paley Center for Media, said the attacks that left 129 dead was one of many horrific events to impact and challenge the team. The 61-year-old California native noted that former Daily Show Host Jon Stewart didn’t even attempt making jokes after the shooting of nine parishioners in a Charleston, South Carolina in June.

“Many times, you’re reacting to events in real time, navigating as it goes along,” Wilmore said. What we always try to do is find the humanity in the story, and if we can pull up the humanity through the humor, that’s what we are going to do.”

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Wilmore continued by saying that as time goes on, people will realize laughter is okay.

“By Monday it’s going to feel a little different from today. At times like this, I think people do need to laugh. And what I really appreciate about our show is that we also have discussion. We can have some laughs about it and then we can have a conversation.”