Lauren Declasse Is About The Money And Love In His “Dead Presidents” Video


After the succession of his “Martha’s Vineyard” release, Brooklyn bred rapper, Lauren Declasse shows a different side of himself with the release of his “Dead Presidents” video. Taking a little detour from his previous projects like Paramour Club and singles like “Gummy,” the rapper is showcasing more of his technical ability as an artist and creative.

“Dead Presidents” shows off his lyrical prowess as the rapper spits a rapid flow over vivid instrumentals. Although the sound is somewhat different and more nimble, the rapper keeps his affinity for love interests constant in the visual.  The video follows Declasse on his adventures around the city with a female interest by his side, as they search for a mysterious item.

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The Jay Roberts-produced video uses an interesting mix of shots, playing with color, angles, and underground spots around the city. The conclusion of the video cuts to cameos of his upcoming collection Club 27.

With the unexpected plot twists in the video and the new sound, it can be expected that this version of the rapper is surely here to stay. Check out Lauren Declasse’s new video for “Dead Presidents” below.