LeBron James Sends Uplifting Words To High School Senior With Terminal Illness


When you’re a senior in high school, the world is your oyster with endless possibilities to go to college, play sports, travel the world, and so much more. But for one high school senior in Indianapolis, that sadly isn’t the case.

Emanuel Duncan attends Lawrence Central High School and is not only experiencing the ups of his final year in school but the downs of those same days possibly being the last he’ll see out of life due to a disorder called Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

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Duncan is putting the phrase “living everyday as if it’s your last” in literal terms as he has had some of his dreams come true like chopping it up with Stephen A. Smith in Bristol, Conn., but there’s just one specific thing on Duncan’s list that he hasn’t quite gotten to yet. That one thing is to meet the one and only, LeBron James. Though the Cleveland Cavaliers don’t step foot into Indiana anytime soon to face the Pacers, James went ahead and sped up the process of making Duncan’s dream a reality.

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James might’ve not been able to clear up the hectic schedule that is within the NBA regular season to make a physical appearance, but he made his presence felt with a heartfelt letter to Duncan in a care package sent including a signed jersey, shoes, promise bands, and some Beats by Dre headphones. Check out what James had to say to uplift the spirit of Duncan.

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