Mali Extremists Kill Ten And Held Nearly 170 People Hostage In Hotel


The terror attacks within the world unfortunately continue to take over one territory at a time. It seems like each day there’s a new place being haunted by the merciless actions of others and this time, the newest victims are located in a hotel in Mali’s capital. At least 18 people are reported dead, Yahoo News states, while nearly 170 people were taken hostage authorities are revealing, after attackers went into the Radisson Blu hotel with guns and grenades.

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As both U.S. and Malian forces came together to come to the rescue of hostages, French President Francois Hollande spoke out after hearing about the malicious events of the assailants.

“We should yet again stand firm and show our solidarity with a friendly country, Mali,” Hollande said. With the help of U.S. special forces, Malian forces were able to evacuate hostages that were being held by each floor and direct them to safety as CNN reports that though the attackers are still in the hotel, there are no longer any hostages left on the premises.

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Details on this occurrence are still forthcoming.

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