Mali Music Connects With Jhene Aiko For The Reggae Influenced, “Contradiction”


There’s no secret that Chi-Raq, Spike Lee’s upcoming satirical film about the violence in Chicago, has been oft maligned.

The initial trailer had people skeptical but then Spike doubled down with a far more serious, sobering second look at the film. Then music from the soundtrack started appearing and fans almost nearly revolted.

Following Kevon Carter’s gospel tinged call for respectability on “WGBD,” Arizona gospel hip-hop artist Mali Music’s gives his two cents on the soundtrack with Jhene Aiko for “Contradiction”.

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Just from the opening few notes, the collabo is a much more welcoming track than “WGBD” as Mali Music and Jhene play around with the serious nature of talking to someone who’s given up and can presumed to be dead.

“If you say that it’s over, I will die,” Mali sings on the chorus. Jhene joins him, “We meet again old friend, look at how they got you where they want you.” Stream the new song below.