MC Lyte Stamps Fetty Wap As The Most Feminist Rapper In The Game Right Now


Last week, the White House Council on Women and Girls hosted a summit dedicated to conversations surrounding women and girls of color. During the all-day event, Charlene Carruthers, executive director of the Black Youth Project 100, and Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole, director of the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art moderated a panel on women and hip-hop, featuring MC Lyte and Angie Martinez, Clutch Magazine reports.

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During the conversation, the topic of feminist rapper arose, and one rapper got a surprising cosign from MC Lyte: Fetty Wap. Stamping the New Jersey rap-crooner as the most feminist rapper in the game, the legendary rapstress commended Fetty for praising women in his lyrics.

“He may have a very unique way of presenting his ideas, but he does love women,” Lyte said. “For what he’s up against in this climate with all of the other emcees, he’s taking a stand. He’s being pretty courageous right now with what it is he presents in his music because it’s really not the norm.”

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MC Lyte also mentioned Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean, Common and Talib Kweli as other rappers who have shown love for the ladies. Remarking that rapper should not “persecute every woman publicly forever on the mic,” MC Lyte also encouraged fans to help them along by commending them when they’re on the right track.

“I just think for Fetty Wap and some of these guys that I mentioned, that they really are on the forefront of what could be a great change in hip-hop, if we show them the love and let them know that they’re heading in the right direction. They get a lot of pats on the back for the disruptive things that are said, but are we there to give them that extra push to let them know they’re headed in the right direction by showing the African-American woman love?”

Watch MC Lyte give Fetty Wap his props below: