Michael B. Jordan And Jordan Brand Team Up For ‘Creed’ Training Experience

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Jordan Brand, Warner Bros and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures teamed up ahead of the release of Creed to bring an exclusive workout regimen to young athletes. Imitating the actor’s rigorous routine to prep for playing Adonis Johnson in the Rocky film spin-off, Jordan led training sessions in three cities: New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

To bulk up for his already critically-acclaimed role, Jordan hit the gym with extensive boxing and weight training. The connection between fitness, health and his latest character motivated Jordan to take on the Jordan Brand training sessions.

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“When I read the Creed script for the first time, I started thinking about what I fight for and it made the whole project resonate with me,” Michael B. Jordan said. “Fitness and hard work have always been prioritized in my career which made the role and being part of the Jordan Brand training experience an easy decision.”

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