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Interview: Migos Debut ‘Worldwide Rich’ Capsule Collection with Footaction

Atlanta tastemakers Migos have officially teamed up with WorldStarHipHop with Footaction to debut their Yung Rich Nation capsule collection, “Worldwide Rich.” The group is aiming to give their fans the same swag as when they wake up and get dressed every morning.

With the young entrepreneur in mind, the rap group is bringing a series of stylish pieces flocked with cloud designs, roses, and paisley patterns, along with flashy color combinations, to make this holiday season pop.

The “Worldwide Rich” collection includes crew neck tee, one long sleeve, one hoodie, two hats and one pair of joggers, limited to around 100 Footaction stores across the country and Footaction.com only.

Earlier this month in New York City, VIBE caught up with Quavo and Offset to find out more about their new line.

VIBE: You guys obviously have been very fashion forward since you burst onto the rap scene. It felt like every rapper was wearing Versace again after you guys dropped the “Versace” song.

Quavo: Man, when we seen how many people wore Versace after we dropped “Versace Versace”! We knew we were going to do a fashion line at some point.

Takeoff: So many people copied us. We trend setters.

Quavo: Then we learned the fashion game, and we sat down and said ‘We need to leap up and do this for ourselves.”

I feel that. It’s not like Versace was running over to give you guys a check.

Takeoff: We spent all this money on Versace, man. Too much.

Quavo: It can’t be done for long. So we just linked up with World Star and made this Worldwide Rich collection. Big shout out to Footaction for putting us in, too, and we are very thankful for them.

Style-wise, I’ve seen some pieces, and there’s a lot sweat-suits, hoodies and graphic tees. But, how would you guys describe your own clothing brand?

Offset: It’s our way of fashion. It’s our dab. All we do is hustle, make music and kick it. So we want to make you feel comfortable in our clothes, too. Like I said before, even if you ain’t got no jewelry on, you ‘gon shine in our clothes. You gon’ look like a star in Yung Rich Nation clothes.

With you guys leading the way for the “Dab” dance craze, you should start your own genre of fashion called “Dabwear.”

Migos: Dab, man! You dabbin’ now!

Offset: Open up a can of dab. It’s on the way [laughs].

Straight up, man.

Take Off: Always fresh.

Quavo: I’ll tell ya, when you open up that can of Dab, it’s always fresh.

Offset: Always fresh to Dab.

Do you guys see your clothing line going past street wear. Maybe doing suits or high fashion garments in the future?

Offset: It’s all about the kind of people who step out the box, and go get our clothing line.

Quavo: Like how we made Versace, the top clothing line, as soon as we came out or whatever. It’s about how many bosses gon’ step out, how many players gon’ step out and go buy this Yung Rich Nation clothing. So, we need all the bosses and all the players to go get it. It’s available exclusively at Foot Action.

Nice, man. Do you guys also have input on all the designs? How does that work?

Takeoff: Of course, man. We have an idea, we bring it to the table and then we talk about it.

Quavo: Then they go off of our Dab every day. They see it. When they see all this gold and flashy stuff, man, it’s not hard for you to go put something together to get fly like us. We want everybody to be bossed up.

Is there anyone that you guys look up to fashion-wise? I know you guys have always been original, but is there anyone who you guys just like?

Offset: Me. I only look up to me

Quavo: Shout out to my boy Guwop. We came in the game, and we learned from the best.

Take Off: Oh yea, Gucci Mane. Shout out to Guwop. There’s only one Guwop man. Only one him.

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