Mike Tyson Shares Interesting Story Of How He Got Tupac Into A Nightclub


Tupac was a legendary rapper, actor, and social activist that went on to sell over 75 million records, but there was a time when the late great California native could not get into a club and needed Mike Tyson’s help to gain entry to the spot.

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Tyson spoke to “The Whoolywood Shuffle” on Tuesday (Nov. 3), and detailed how he acted as a liaison between Pac and the club’s management when they refused the rapper access to their establishment. According to the iconic boxer, it started when he was enjoying a typical night on the town.

As he laughed, cried and reminisced with the honchos of the club he was patronizing, a young and unknown Pac and his 50-person entourage arrived in hopes of getting in and turning up to the organizers’ refusal.

Now, insert Mike Tyson the Intermediate. The Brooklyn native said that once he became aware of how the “Dear Mama” rapper was being denied access to the building, he asked the venue’s management to let him in and, because they had just shared a series of emotional moments complete with hearty laughs and tears, they obliged.

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Just 45 minutes after he was inside the building, Pac was doing what he did best, “on the mic, rockin’ the club,” Tyson said.

Iron Mike also recounted Tupac’s unique musical abilities. “His energy’s off the wall,” he said. “Guys don’t do that no more. When I see entertainers, it’s just not that energy. Some guys sell hundreds of millions of records, but they don’t got that stuff. He had that stuff.”

Tyson and Pac’s unlikely circumstance was the beginning of their friendship that lasted until the rapper’s still unsolved murder in 1996. Tupac, who was ironically killed after attending a Mike Tyson fight in Las Vegas, Nev. even kept in touch with the boxer when he went to jail.

“The next time I see him, I’m in prison,” Tyson said. “He wasn’t famous then. Then he’s famous when I get locked up so he wrote me. He appreciated me letting him in [the club]…Then he visited me and we started talking,” he finished.

Who would’ve guessed it?

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