Mila J Says She’s No Aaliyah Or Jhene Aiko In Her Latest Rap Track, “F.Y.M.”

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While the wait is almost over for the release of Mila J’s mixtape Waiting Game, the singer drops another single from the upcoming project anyway. The singer previously unveiled “Real” and “Ready 2 Go,” but she is showing a different sound in her latest single, “F.Y.M.”

“F.Y.M.” is showcasing her musical talent in a different light, rapping on a gritty, assertive track. The track oozes confidence, spitting lyrics like, “I’m on a mission but ‘member there’s only one of me/Running sh** ’til the finish line right in front of me.”

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While the single is definitely a track to show off her bars and claim a spot on top, she also takes a moment to distance herself from other female performers she’s often be compared to. “They don’t know me, no I’m not the next Aaliyah/No I’m not my sister either/Like n***a, let me be Mila.”

The sister she’s referring to is rising star Jhene Aiko. Although it’s hard to say Mila J and Jhene ever had a similar sound, this track definitely thrusts Mila in a category far from the hippie-soul singer.

Listen to Mila J’s declarative single, “F.Y.M.” and stay tuned for her 2016 release date for Waiting Game.