“Fleek,” “Yaaas” And “Bestie” Are The Latest Words Added To The Dictionary


The dictionary continues to evolve as society continues to come up with some new slang terms, and this year is no different.

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Last year’s additions included “throw shade” and “side boob,” and this year, be on the lookout for the latest words to spice up our already heightened vocabularies, like:

yaaas (slang): Yes! used as a strong expression of excitement, approval, agreement, etc.

kk (Informal): used in text messages and other digital communications; okay; OK.

bestie (Informal): a person’s best friend.

fleek (adjective): flawlessly styled, groomed, etc. The latter can be used in a sentence:

These are just four of the 150 new words that were added to the Oxford English Dictionary, according to their website Tuesday (Nov. 10).  There were also 1,000 new revisions to words that were already in the book.

“Dictionary.com lexicographers have access to billions of data points in search lookups, which they analyze to better understand interest and demand,” the website reads.

If Shakespeare can come up with over 1,700 new words, than so can the Tumblr generation. Drake and Future said it best: what a time to be alive.