#ObamaRemix: The Internet Is Giving Barack Obama A Presidential Photoshop Job

President Barack Obama sent Black Twitter into a frenzy on Monday (Nov. 16) during his speech at the G20 Summit in Turkey. Challenging critics of his ISIS strategy, POTUS reached into his colloquial archive to use the term “pop off” at an international address. Heralding the moment as a display of cool confidence, the quote was re-posted and replayed continuously, out of sheer and utter awe.

“Folks want to pop off and have opinions on what they think they would do, present a specific plan,” Obama said.

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And just like all good viral happenings, Obama’s “pop off” comment has led the Internet to take creative liberties. First up was a dubstep version of the quote (that actually goes pretty hard). The next reaction, however, took things to another level. Reimaging President Obama’s haircuts, the Internet then began to run amuck with images of proposed new ‘dos for The Leader of the Free World. Someone even gave President Obama an earring, turning him from Barack to “Barry.”

Presenting, the #ObamaRemix. Flip through at President Obama with a few different looks above, and spin his “Pop Off” remix one more time just for kicks and giggles.