Oprah Winfrey Defends The Kardashians And “How Hard They Work”


The Kardashian clan should be used to all of the scrutiny by now, seeing as how notoriety is the basis of their fame. Just days after rounding up comments from commentary from comedian Rebel Wilson and television fashion guru Tim Gunn, the reality show family has at least one person coming to its defense: Oprah Winfrey.

During an interview with Australian radio show Kyle and Jackie O, Winfrey was asked for her opinion on Wilson’s statement that the Kardashians “aren’t really about talent.” She replied by referencing her 2012 interview special with the family, remarking that she was impressed by “how hard they work.”

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“I interviewed the Kardashians two years ago and I couldn’t believe how hard they work,” Winfrey said. “People think it’s just TV cameras following you, that it’s easy. But to really create a reality series where it looks like something’s actually happening, you have to be on it all the time.”

Winfrey also shared that when shooting the family for her special, they were also shooting their show, which rounded out to a 14-hour process.

“We were there for seven hours filming them and they were going to tape for another seven hours afterwards…That is work, no matter who you are.”

It’s always a good day when Oprah is on your side. Listen to her talk the Kardashians below: