Oscar De La Hoya Doesn’t Think Mayweather Stands A Chance Against Ronda Rousey


Former professional boxer, Oscar De La Hoya, might have stepped away from the ring but that hasn’t stopped him from taking a few shots at Floyd Mayweather. In an open letter released by Playboy, De La Hoya held no bars in the way he felt about Money Mayweather. The letter began pretty impersonally at first, but that didn’t last long as the message continued.

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“Truth be told, I’m not unhappy to see you retire. Neither are a lot of boxing fans. Scratch that. MOST boxing fans. Why? Because the fight game will be a better one without you in it,” De La Hoya wrote. Sounds like a lot of harsh feelings are left over since the last time the two fought back in 2007 but De La Hoya didn’t quite stop there.

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In a recent interview with Bleacher Report, the scorned De La Hoya didn’t hesitate on his thoughts on what might happen in the ring between Mayweather and UFC sensation, Ronda Rousey. “Ronda taps him out,” says De La Hoya. “Easy. There’s no doubt about it. Most likely, Mayweather’s going to run. They go in the center of the ring, that’s five seconds. By the time that she catches him, that’s another five. I would say about 16, 17 seconds.” Well, o ye of little faith. There’s definitely still some bad blood brewing between those two.

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