Here’s A Fun Fact For Ya: Big Boi Said Outkast Turned Down The Super Bowl

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We’re not saying some things should be kept private, but, hearing Big Boi admit while on ESPN’s The Dan LeBatard Show that Outkast turned down the chance to play the Super Bowl, doesn’t really make our day.

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While chopping it up with the ESPN talking heads, Big Boi said the ATLiens were approached in 2004 to perform, but it was three stacks who voted against the idea because the group wouldn’t be allowed to perform full songs, specifically “Hey Ya” and “The Way You Move.”

Big Boi says he tried to convince Andre to change mind, but as history shows, it didn’t work.

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“We laugh about it now. Hopefully they invite us back,” Big Boi said.

Instead of Outkast performing, Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson graced the Super Bowl stage and caused the world’s most talked about wardrobe malfunction.