Former ‘My Wife & Kids’ Star Parker McKenna Posey Is Everybody’s New #WCW


If you’ve had a steady Internet connection for the last couple of years, you know that former My Wife & Kids star Parker McKenna Posey is not “Kady Kyle” anymore. At 20 years old, the little girl that stole hearts alongside Damon Wayans on the hit sitcom is now reemerging as everyone’s new #WCW. A recent photoshoot of the actress has exposed a new level of interest in Posey, as she poses for the camera in a black, sheer leotard:

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The sexy shots were shared on her birthday this summer in celebration of her 20th year, and looks to serve as the actress’s coming out of sorts. Posey has also rounded up over a quarter-million followers on Instagram with smoldering poses and bae-level selfies. She even shared a video clip of herself parading around in all her bikini-clad glory:

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As Posey rounds up new fans, she is even being granted the coveted homescreen lock on people’s phones and proclamations of love on Twitter:

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Need further proof that Parker McKenna Posey is your new crush? Flip through the pics above.