Patti LaBelle Says Success Of Pies Was Already Great Before “Wonderful Video”

It seems as if no one wants to indulge in grandma’s sweet potato pie this Thanksgiving.

Due to the craze of Patti LaBelle’s very own desert, the demand has led Walmart to constantly restock the shelves with the famed singer’s dish, which is even being sold online for more than quadruple the $3.50 price tag.

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The economic success of the highly-decorated vocalist’s pies was astounding, which was publicized thanks in part to James Wright, the man behind a viral video where he excitingly and epically reviewed LaBelle’s latest recipe.

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But now, LaBelle, who phoned and thanked Wright for his newsworthy review earlier this month, says her delectable pies were flying off the shelf and into people’s tummies way before his video hit the ‘Net.

“I was selling out before the guy did his wonderful video,” the “When You’ve Been Blessed” singer said to TMZ. She did, however, acknowledge Wright joyously by adding, “Thank you James. He’s a wonderful singer and he’s just a wonderful guy.”

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LaBelle did have a conversation with Wright, which he revealed during an interview with Fox32 following the notoriety of his video. “She kept thanking me, she kept thanking me, and she just kept telling me how much she loved me and she just kept telling me to be me,” he said. “She was like ‘Boy, you could sang!'”

Watch what LaBelle had to say on this season’s most coveted dish below.